What is Cloud Hosting and Why You Should Use Cloud Hosting

Discover everything you need to know about cloud hosting including what cloud hosting is, how cloud hosting works, and why you should use cloud hosting!

What is Cloud Computing: Cloud Hosting Explained

Cloud hosting is the newest form of web hosting that has become popular and widely used over the past few years. Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that works on virtual servers that pull their resources and power from extensive networks of physical servers.

The concept of cloud hosting is actually pretty simple as they follow the rules – divide and rule. What does this mean exactly?

The resources needed for maintaining and controlling a certain website are spread across more than one server and they are used when there is a need for them to be used.

How Cloud Hosting Actually Works?

As we mentioned before, each web server in the cloud assists in carrying out specific tasks. If for example some of these servers fail to accomplish the set of tasks, another web server or a group of servers automatically kick-in to offer support and back-up to the cloud.

The Difference between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

In order to understand cloud hosting better, we are going to present you the difference between cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

The reliability is usually the first factor that differentiates these two types of hosting. With the cloud hosting you have several web servers at your service as opposed to the one dedicated server. This means that cloud hosting is more reliable and efficient than the dedicated server.

When it comes to the price, the costs related to cloud architecture and cloud computing many be higher when compared to the dedicated hosting. However, if you are a big corporation the price is not going to be an important factor for you.

The Future of Cloud Hosting – What Can We Expect

There is no doubt that cloud computing has come a long way. There are several large corporations that are already using this type of hosting and they are more than satisfied. For the small business owners, the price could be the biggest problem, but if you manage to overcome your budget limits, we recommend you to use the cloud hosting as well.

Many businesses have already made an investment by choosing cloud hosting! It is time for you to do that investment as well!

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