What is a Dedicated Server: Everything You Need to Know

Read this article and discover what a dedicated server, a dedicated hosting, is and the benefits of using a dedicated hosting!

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a computer in a network that is reserved for serving the demands and needs of that network. In order to understand this term better, here is one example – some networks demand the computer to be set aside in order to manage and control the communications between the other computers from the network. A dedicated server can also be a computer that controls the printer resources. Regardless of its function, a dedicated server is a dedicated server as long as it serves the needs of the network. However, you need to keep in mind that it is highly possible for one computer to act as a server but be responsible for performing other functions as well.

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What is a Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a configuration used by the server. This configuration is reserved to one organization only and for a single purpose only. In our case, it is devoted for a website. The dedicated hosting is completely opposite of the shared hosting as the shared hosting is a server used by various clients and websites. The dedicated server can be set up externally as a special service from within the data center or in-house.

The dedicated server has a lot of benefits, and we are going to mention a few of them:

  • Customization – The dedicated hosting offers a certain control and freedom that other web hosting service providers are unable or offer.
  • Uptime – The truth is that we live in a world where everything is moving so fast and online visitors are not used to waiting, so you need to offer the information as soon and as quickly as possible. Dedicated hosting ensures the site is functioning all the time and lowers the downtime as well.
  • Congestion – When using dedicated hosting, you would not face the problem called server congestion.
  • Security – Websites that use dedicated hosting will be able to use their security measures including firewall configurations and anti-virus systems.
  • Support – The dedicated hosting service come with a certain level of security and support.

Now that you know everything about the dedicated hosting, find a reliable web hosting provider who can provide you quality dedicated hosting.



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